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Motul Lubricants

Factory approved OEM and Competition Oils

Total Lubricants

Factory OEM approvals and Industrial Lubricants

Spectro Motorcycle Oil

Motul 300V race engine oil

For all performance/race engines. Double Ester base stock (polymer ester+complex ester)=balanced polarity, lower volatility, high viscosity for 0% shear loss, max oil film resistance. Friction modifier for increased power output and dedicated additive package for oxidation resistance, anti wear, and engine cleanliness.

Millers Racing Oils

Millers Oils, made in England, offer fully synthetic racing oils for engines and gearboxes utilizing triple ester nanodrive technology. By reducing friction and maintaining viscosity in racing conditions, more power is sent to the wheels. A fully synthetic street car version is also available.

Harley Davidson oil

Recommended for Harley Davidson

SuperS Lubricants

VW TDI oils

VW Oils

Porsche oils

Porsche air-cooled oils

BMW oils

Mercedes Benz oils

Nissan oils

Honda/Acura oils

Toyota/Lexus oils

Volvo oils


Mazda Oils

Ford oils

GM oils

Misc import oils




Private Label Engine Oil

Your own brand private label engine oil. 5w30 or 10w30. $2.495 per quart. Minimum order of 800 cases (12 x 1qt/case). Excellent base stock and additive package. Call 865-771-3801 for details. Also available for export: 800 - 900 cases per 20' container.

Bulk Drums, Totes, Delivery

Bulk pricing on 55 gal drums, 330 gal totes, 250 gal minimum bulk. FOB Alcoa, TN.

Legends Race Cars

Classic/Vintage/Muscle Cars 30's-80's

SPECTORO MOTOR-GUARD mineral and semi-synthetic oils. Old school approach with high zinc and phosphorus levels @ 1600 ppm. Formulated for classic, vintage, and muscle cars of the 30's through the 80's.


KINETIK RACING BATTERIES utilize absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology. Highly porous electrolyte drenched fiberglass mats are sandwiched between lead plates in a sealed case that is virturally indestructable and never needs water. Mount anywhere in any position. Available in 12V and 12V/16V combo.bATTERIES

Elf Motorcycle Oil



Motor Oils



ELF Products

Street Motor Oils

Chrysler oils

Subaru oils

Diesel Trucks

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Mineral Oil 55 gal drums

Model cars,boats,planes

Dragsters-top feul

Total Heavy Duty Diesel Oils

K2500 4WD Suburban/Silverado Brake Conv Kit

K2500 4WD Suburban/Silverado Brake Conv Kit

Increase front brake performance 40% for 1988 through 2000 K2500 HD 8 lug 4WD Chev/GMC Suburban/Silverado. Kit supplies machined parts needed to adapt readily available 2-pison brake parts. (Kit for 2WD and 6 lug style coming soon).

Nevastane Food Grade Lubricants

Nevastane NSF H1 and Kosher lubricants for food processing equipment. Meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 21469 certification. Onsite lubrication diagnostics available. Call 865-771-3801 for additional information.

Bulk Delivery

Bulk Delivery 250 gal minimum.

Hydraulic Oil

Clearance Items

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Manufacturer Approvals

VW Oils
Porsche Oils
Porsche Air-Cooled Oils
BMW Oils
Chrysler oils
Mercedes Benz Oils
GM Oils
Ford Oils
Mazda Oils
Motorcycle Oils
Nissan Oils
Honda/Acura Oils
Toyota/Lexus Oils
Subaru Oils
Volvo oils

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